How to Balance Family, Work and Studies?

Family and work… these are some of the main obstacles for people wishing to return to school. Every day is the same routine! We get out of bed in fourth gear, get ready for work, prepare the kids for school, breakfast, lunch, extracurricular activities, supper, homework, bath time and finally, it is time to return to bed before starting again the next day! And that’s not including all the little details! Of course, we have some free time on weekends, but we need to spend it studying … NO THANKS! We prefer to spend time with our family and change our mind set before undertaking another week! Time flies so fast and we feel like we are not meeting the demands, so considering a return to school is absolutely out of the question! However, with a little organization and discipline, it is perfectly possible to balance family, work, and studies. You still doubt … this article is for you! Here are 6 ways to get it done…


  1. First, you need to be organized. The more organized and structured you are, the easier it will be to return to school! Learn to set your priorities and do not deviate from them. The famous “to do” lists and agendas will be your best allies.


  1. Then you must learn to delegate… You are not the only person living in your house! Of course, it’s more difficult with toddlers. However, it is good to make them participate in household chores and, as they grow, you can gradually increase the level of difficulty. Your spouse can also help. Whether it is emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming, or helping with meal preparation, this is a good boost and one less thing to do on your list.


  1. Avoid doing several things at the same time! Everything in its time… When you are studying, avoid thinking about the bathroom that is not cleaned or what you are going to prepare for supper. The opposite is also true, avoid thinking about your studies when you spend time with family or when you are at work. Focus on the present moment and you will be much more proactive this way.


  1. Use quiet, non-distracting places to study, for example, libraries or cafes. Ask your spouse, your parents, or a friend to supervise the children for one or two hours and study around a good coffee ;).


  1. If you are not able to leave the house, take the quieter moments to study, for example, your child’s nap time. You can also occupy your children with crafts or drawings, this way you will have a little time to do some school work.


  1. Learn to say no! You absolutely must reserve time for yourself. Learn to know your limits and do not hesitate to slow down when you feel overwhelmed! After all, the beauty of adult education is that there’s no deadline! Everyone moves at their own pace.


Balancing family, work, and studies is never a simple thing. However, it is not impossible. Remember, some people have done it before! Just find the right pace and use a little organization. Hopefully, it will help you and offer you some solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information by phone at 1-506-778-6998 or by e-mail at