Education and Technology

Obviously, technology takes a lot of space in our lives. Whether at home, at work, or at school, we are surrounded by a multitude of electronic devices. Like it or not, the era of digital and the ‘’Big Data’’ phenomenon changed everything in our schools. In a world where access to the information is unlimited and within reach, it goes without saying that teachers have no choice but to adapt to this new reality. Indeed, students do not learn the same way that they learned a few years ago. Today, paper and pencils are being cut to replace it by tablets and laptops. That being said, what is the true impact of technology on learning? Does technology have the power to facilitate knowledge integration?


Several schools have made a techno shift in recent years and one of the biggest impacts of this shift has been increased motivation and student participation. There was also an improvement in punctuality and absenteeism, not only among students but also among teachers. Some teachers also mentioned that technology offers an alternative for students who have a little more difficulty learning through traditional methods.


It goes without saying that technology brings something positive to schools. Even if the technology is not able to stop school drop-out, it will likely reduce it by providing young people with new learning methods and opportunities that are more relevant to their interests.


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