How to Prepare for an Interview

An interview is an art to master! It is easier for some than for others, depending on your personality. That said, it is possible to put all the odds on your side and to be ready. How? This is what we will try to teach you through this article!


It can be much more difficult and stressful for some people to be summoned to an interview. However, you can greatly reduce your anxiety by getting ready! Here are some tips for you…


First, be sure to print and keep a copy of the job description. Job descriptions contain essential information. Know that it’s not all companies that go at the same speed… Funny fact… I already applied to a company that contacted me six months later to ask me to have an interview. Firstly, I did not remember which job I had applied to (I was leaving university, so I had applied for thirty different jobs). Secondly, understand that after six months I did not think I was selected, so I had not kept any information (ERROR!). Moral of the story, always keep the job description, this will help you avoid you a lot of hassle!


Then review your resume and the job description. You must be aware of the qualities and skills the company is looking for, and you must be able to answer questions in a way that demonstrates that you possess these qualities and skills.


Another thing that will save your life… practice! Yes, you read correctly… PRACTICE!! Nothing will prepare you better for an interview than practice. How to do this? It is very simple! Just highlight a list of the most common questions asked in an interview (look on the Web, there are plenty of them) and answer them taking into account the job offer and your resume. Believe me, you will come to the interview ready and much more confident and comfortable.


Also, prepare questions for the person who will interview you. Most employers will ask you at the end of the interview if you have any questions about the position or the company. It is important that you prepare at least one or two questions. Why? Because that shows your interest in the job… It’s pretty bad to not ask questions at the end. That said, limit yourself to a few (two or three) and avoid asking questions that are answered in the job description or on the company’s website.


In addition, it is imperative that you arrive at the interview with at least minimal knowledge of the company. Of course, you cannot know everything about the company, but you should be aware of what is on the company’s website (mission, vision, values, products/services…) and if the company has been in the news lately. Do your research!


Finally, a point often underestimated… clothing! The first impression is often decisive. Look after your presentation. The norm is to dress ” a check mark above ” of what the job requires. So, if you’re a machinist and you usually dress in ” Big Bill ”, jeans and a shirt are more than enough, but if you’re a businessman I do not need to tell you that the tie is required! I hope I have been able to guide you for your next interview!