Unlike the regular school system, adult education does not really have restrictions regarding the beginning and the end of classes. Indeed, adults can start their courses at the time that suits them best. Of course, we take a break during the summer season, at Christmas, and during the March break. Our teachers and students are entitled to a well-deserved leave. However, the ‘’back to school’’ begins when the student enrolls in one of our programs. For example, a student may decide to start studying with us during the month of November. The same goes for the end of classes… once a student is ready to take his or her final exam, he or she can do it according to the schedule established by the government (the provincial government selects a few days each month for the GED test). The beginning, the end and the duration of classes depend on the pace of each student. In general, our teachers are present from September to May to support you and provide you with the help you need to reach your goal and get your GED!


Contact us by phone at 1-506-778-6998 or by e-mail at info.mali.aami@gmail.com for more information regarding our programs or to learn how to register for one of them.