Knowledge, Know-How and Interpersonal Skills… Their Meaning and Their Importance!

I am sure you have heard about knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills. It is a very important concept when it comes to looking for work. Indeed, it is important to know ourselves and to know our strengths and our different qualities that can highlight us, not only on our resume but also during a job interview.


First of all, know how to distinguish knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. Knowledge refers to what you know and your learning achievements, the know-how is associated with your abilities and your skills, while the interpersonal skills correspond to your personal and professional qualities. For example, if you are a lawyer, you are supposed to have a very good understanding of the laws (knowledge). Doctors are able to perform surgeries (know-how). Finally, the qualities that a person possesses, whether it is punctuality, empathy, and open-mindedness, correspond to their interpersonal skills. So to sum it all up, the knowledge is what you know, the know-how is what you are able to do and the interpersonal skills are who you are.


That being said, you must be able to put these three types of knowledge in value. Know also that it is very important not to take the interpersonal skills lightly. Indeed, some seem to believe that knowledge and know-how are much more important than the interpersonal skills. However, during my university studies, I attended several conferences offered by CEOs and employers, and events, such as career fairs. I have often heard these business leaders say, ” Ah, you young people! You have a high level of knowledge and skills, but you do not have any interpersonal skills! ” I will not dwell on the subject, since I will make that my next blog topic. However, work ethic and well-being are as important as knowledge and know-how. Be sure how to highlight your personal and professional qualities.


To conclude, it goes without saying that the interpersonal skills are indispensable. That said, education and skills are just as important. Miramichi Adult Learning offers a wide range of programs for those who would like to enhance their knowledge. For information regarding our programs, please contact us at 506-778-6998 or by email at