Our Team

Unity Is Strength!

We are fortunate to be surrounded by a passionate, dynamic, qualified, and committed team that gives the best of itself and is primarily concerned with the success of its learners.

Board of Directors

Wes Tingley, Chairperson

Wes Tingley is a retired educator from the Public School system in New Brunswick. He currently serves as Chairperson for the Apprentissage Adulte Miramichi Adult Learning Board and is an advocate for adult learning support programs within the Miramichi Region and enjoys his role as a volunteer. His belief is that through education many doors are opened and possibilities become reality.


John Stewart, Vice Chairperson

John Stewart was ordained Sept 8, 1976 and has pastored for 40 years in this community helping to establish the first high power Christian Radio Station in NB. John has had many roles.  He has served as trustee of a national Christian organization, and he has ministered in Europe, Asia and South America.  He has served on many committees including ‘’Citizens Advisory of Atlantic Institution’’ and ‘’Collaboration Miramichi’’.  He has helped establish ‘’A Family Place’’ and ‘’Meals on Wheels’’ in Blackville. He has chaired the Miramichi Economic Development Committee, and he has received the ‘’Flame of Peace’’ from the European Parliament.


Charlotte Casey, Secretary

Charlotte Casey has been working in education in Miramichi for almost 40 years. She is retired from ASDN (Anglophone North School District) but still works part-time and currently sits as a Director on the MALI Board. Charlotte has always strongly encouraged people to be life long learners, to set goals and to accept challenges. She loves seeing students reach their graduation goals.


Barbara Lake, Treasurer

Retired in 2007, Barbara worked in the graphic arts industry for 39 years in five different countries and owned her own graphic arts company with her sister. She passionately believes that everyone has the right to an education - to be the best they can be. She volunteers in the Pre GED Transition to Work program, where she is also a community food mentor and coordinator of the Eating for Health program.


Jackie Somerville, Director


Jane Donaldson, Director

Jane is a teacher from Miramichi having taught in the school system for the past 35 years. She is retired since this past June. She was teaching French as a second language, and she is presently tutoring students in French as well as English. For Jane, all education is important especially if it is adult education. She wanted to get involved in something in the community and Miramichi Adult Learning felt like a good fit for her.


Lucie Chiasson, Director

Lucie received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition in 1998 from Université de Moncton. She then completed her nutrition internship at Moncton City Hospital in 2000. For twelve years she was employed as a public health nutritionist. In March 2013, she accepted a new position in another department to become Regional Wellness Counselor within Miramichi-Kent region. She continues to take care of the family farm with her husband and to be involved in food security and the community inclusion network. She has served on MALI’s board for the past two years.



Melanie Flanagan, Executive Director

Phone: 1-506-778-6998 | Email: melanieflanagan2@gmail.com

After being a stay at home mom for a number of years, Melanie rejoined the local work force in the education field as a supply teacher.  This venture, combined with her background with her B. Sc. (UNB), lead her to teach at NBCC Miramichi in the Academic Upgrading department and thus started her involvement with adult education.  While completing her Adult Education Certificate, Melanie had the opportunity to become part of the MALI team as a teacher, which subsequently led to her role as Executive Director for MALI.  While Melanie understands that life can put many obstacles in a person’s way as they pursue their educational goals, she believes that it is never too late to take that step toward those goals... And she also believes she has a wonderful team in place that can help make that happen.



Christine Martin, Regional Adult Learning Consultant

After obtaining her Bachelor of Education from l’Université Sainte-Anne in Church Point, NS, Christine has worked in the school system in Yellowknife, NT before returning to her hometown of Richibucto, NB.   Realizing that the school system was not a match for her, she worked a variety of administrative positions before finding herself one more time in the Yellowknife where she worked as a Career Centre Officer.  She finally felt like she found her calling when she obtained a job as a Training Coordinator for the Training Department at a mine north or Yellowknife.  She now joins us as the new Regional Adult Learning Consultant for the Miramichi area.



Gemma Theriault – Baie-Sainte-Anne

Phone: 1-506-228-6244 | Email: caa.baiesaintanne@gmail.com

Gemma traveled to Fredericton to get her degree in education and later returned to get her Certificate 4 (teaching certificate). She has been teaching GED classes in Baie-Sainte-Anne for 7 years. Before joining MALI’S team, she taught in the public school system for 33 years. She really loves helping her students improve themselves, not only in the educational field but also in various areas of their life. Gemma is grateful to be able to make a difference in her students’ lives.


Jennifer Underhill – Blackville

Phone: 1-506-843-7836 | Email: cal.blackvillea@gmail.com

Jennifer Underhill is a facilitator for Miramichi Adult Learning in Blackville. She has been with MALI since 1991. For her, it has been a pleasure to assist clients with their educational needs. Over the years her biggest reward is the graduation – watching people fulfill their dreams is so exciting. She loves her job because promoting education, and supporting and guiding individuals to the next chapter of their lives is very rewarding.


Rick Bruce – Boiestown

Phone: 1-506-369-2169 | Email: cal.boiestownnova@gmail.com

Rick had been supply teaching kindergarten to grade 12 and filling many different roles such as Educational Assistant, Student Intervention Worker and Director of an At Risk Youth Site. The opportunity came along to him to teach adult education with MALI. He felt this would be a good fit for him with his educational background, so he moved forward into this role. Rick enjoys every moment of his teaching and loves seeing the joy that comes to each student with their success.


Marlene McClemont – Boiestown

Phone: 1-506-369-2169 | Email: cal.boiestown2@gmail.com

Marlene has always been interested in learning and education and its tremendous potential in people's lives. She has been a substitute teacher and volunteer in the public education system for many years. She finds working with adult learners and helping them achieve their goals very rewarding.


Joyce Barnaby – Burnt Church

Phone: 1-506-776-1231 | Email: cal.burntchurchb@gmail.com

Joyce graduated from St. Thomas University in 1999 and started working for MALI in the fall of 2009.  She always wanted to work in her community of Esgenoopetitj.  This job was the perfect opportunity for her.  She loves being able to promote education in her community, and she also enjoys working with and meeting the new generation from Esgenoopetitj.


Phyllis Barnaby – Burnt Church

Phone: 1-506-776-1231 | Email: cal.burntchurchd@gmail.com

Phyllis has been teaching GED for 7 years. She started working for MALI in 2010 as a substitute. In her four years at St. Thomas University, she studied English literature and Native Studies. Phyllis always wanted to come back to her community and help. According to her, teaching in the GED classes is one of the best ways to reach out and help a large range of people, not only seniors or youth but people of every age.


April Roach – Burnt Church

Phone: 1-506-776-1231 | Email: cal.burntchurchc@gmail.com

April has been teaching GED for 9 years. She graduated from business school prior to teaching and is now pursuing her Adult Education Certificate through UNB. She is grateful that she gets the opportunity to work in her community. It brings her great joy to be able to watch members of her community obtain their GED.


Kevin Keoughan – Chatham

Phone: 1-506-773-6767 | Email: cal.chathamb@gmail.com

Kevin obtained his B. A. and B. Ed. degrees from St. Thomas University. He has been actively involved in the field of adult education for 30 plus years. Prior to joining the MALI team of instructors in 2011, Kevin was employed by NBCC as an instructor within the Academic Studies department. He taught a multitude of senior school courses to learners pursuing the Adult High School Diploma. To this day, Kevin enjoys assisting individuals in the identification, pursuit, and attainment of personal educational and career goals.


Beth Losier – Chatham

Phone: 1-506-773-6767 | Email: cal.chathama@gmail.com

Beth is presently co-teaching a GED class at NBCC. She started at MALI in 2012 after retiring from a 32 year teaching career in the public school system. She finds this new job to be both enjoyable and fulfilling in that she is able to share in the successes of her students as they reach their personal, educational and career goals. Beth graduated from UNB with a Bachelor of Education and later completed a diploma in Special Education.


Jennifer Doucet – Digital Literacy

Phone: 1-506-622-1220 | Email: digitallearning3@gmail.com

After studying at the Université de Moncton, Jennifer went on to receive a diploma in marketing from NBCC in Moncton. Jennifer has had a varied career from working in sales, marketing and finance to owning her own scrapbooking business and also working in wedding and prom dress sales. And she was a figure skating instructor as well! After being approached by MALI, Jennifer joined the team in 2012 to teach basic computer classes. She loves meeting the many people who come across her path each semester. Jennifer is currently enrolled in the online Adult Education Certificate program through UNB. Jennifer enjoys working with some great people through her employment with MALI.


Anne Woulds – Digital Literacy

Phone: 1-506-622-1220 | Email: digitallearning2@gmail.com

Anne Woulds has been a Digital Literacy Instructor with MALI for the past six years.  She truly enjoys helping adults in the GED and WES programs, and in the general community, with their basic computer skills.  She has a Bachelor of Science, a diploma in Office Administration and has almost finished with her Certificate in Adult Education. Anne gets great satisfaction seeing her learners try and complete a task that they really wanted know how to do.  She believes everyone can learn how to use their device or computer; they just need time and patience.  Anne provides a comfortable learning environment for the learners to explore the ever changing world of computers and technology.


Denise Hallihan – Eel Ground

Phone: 1-506-627-4701 | Email: cal.eelground@gmail.com

Denise Hallihan has been instructing GED now for 6 years, and she is currently working in Eel Ground, New Brunswick.  According to her, being an instructor is such a rewarding job. Not only does she have the privilege of working with great people, she also has the opportunity to help many individuals change their lives. She also gets to help them with their personal lives and send them on the right direction for assistance. To watch an individual walk across the stage and receive their diploma is such an emotional and rewarding experience for all involved.  Denise always says that everyone has a story and all we need to do is take the time to listen.  Being an instructor has given her the opportunity to do this.  It not only changes the student but her life as well.  She would never do anything else.


John Freeze – Newcastle

Phone: 1-506-622-1282 | Email: cal.newcastleb@gmail.com

John Freeze has been a team teacher at MALI’s Newcastle site since 2012. Prior to this, he supplied for MALI at the Women’s Correctional Institution in Miramichi. He has a B. A., a B. Ed. and an M. Sc. He enjoys working in the relaxed atmosphere they have at their site, and he enjoys working with his students very much.


Tammy Hamilton – Newcastle

Phone: 1-506-622-1282 | Email: cal.newcastlea@gmail.com

Tammy has a Bachelor of Education degree and has 18 years of teaching experience.  She taught in the public school, as well as teaching the following programs for adults:  computer course, administrative assistant program, career exploration program, and workplace essential skills programs before becoming a GED instructor.  This is her dream job as she loves to teach and enjoys working with adults to help them obtain their high school diploma.


Brenda Doiron – Rogersville

Phone: 1-506-775-6566 | Email: caa.rogersvilleb@gmail.com

Brenda Doiron has a Bachelor's degree in Education with a concentration in mathematics and French from the Université de Moncton. From 1995 to 2014, Brenda was an adult education teacher with NBCC in Miramichi. She has been working with MALI for the last 3 years. Brenda loves her job because she loves working with our clients. This gives her a great sense of satisfaction. She is very fortunate to be part of such a formidable and exceptional team as MALI.


Jeannelle Martin – Rogersville

Phone: 1-506-775-6566 | Email: caa.rogersvilled@gmail.com

Jeannelle Martin studied at the Université de Moncton from 1987 to 1991, and she received her Bachelor’s degree in Education in May 1991. Jeannelle worked in District 11 schools for 20 years. Today, she enjoys working with adults through MALI. She finds it satisfying to see her students advance in their educational path.


Mike Losier – Seniors

Phone: 1-506-778-6810 | Email: cal.miraseniors@gmail.com

Michael works at the Miramichi Senior Citizens Home teaching and engaging with seniors as they continue their journey as life long learners. He started with MALI in 2009 after working as a career and employment counselor for the disabled in Miramichi. Michael especially enjoys working with the elderly, both teaching and learning from them, as they share their personal life stories and experiences.  “They truly still have so much to offer and contribute to our community.” He is a graduate from Saint Francis Xavier University (B. A.), St. Thomas University (B. Ed.) and the University of New Brunswick (M. Ed. - Guidance and Counselling).


Adam Matchett – Night Classes

Email: cal.ttc1@gmail.com

Adam Matchett started to teach with MALI in 2009 as the Transition to Community program’s teacher. He is now teaching at NBCC, but he continues teaching adults in one of MALI’s night classes. Adam is a graduate from the University of New Brunswick with a major in History.  He also has a B.Ed. from the University of Maine. He loves to help people realize their potential and that they can do anything if they put their minds to it.


Bob Gillis – Transition to Community

Phone: 1-506-624-2192 | Email: cal.ttc3@gmail.com

Bob attended undergraduate school at the University of PEI and Dalhousie University and later completed Graduate Studies in Instructional Technology at Concordia and McGill Universities in Montreal. He spent many years at the city high schools and finished his professional career at the School District Office in Miramichi. With “many good years left in him”, Bob is delighted to be part of the Miramichi Adult Learning team. Helping students succeed and realize their lifetime goals has always been Bob’s driving force. He is glad to have that opportunity again with MALI.


Jaime Wiebe – Transition to Community

Phone: 1-506-624-2192

Jaime is a graduate from Mount Allison University with a degree in Commerce. She has always held a passion for learning and helping, so finding a career in teaching has blended these passions. Jaime is currently enrolled in the Adult Education Certificate program at the University of New Brunswick to improve her skills in adult education.


Brian Colepaugh – Transition to Work

Phone: 1-506-773-7225 | Email: cal.2twchatham@gmail.com

Brian Colepaugh has had the pleasure of working with Howard and Barbara Lane for five years teaching GED to students at the Knights of Columbus Hall on King Street in Chatham. He received his B. Ed. degree from St. Thomas University, Fredericton, in 1982. During his career, he has taught in Canada, mainly Fort McMurray, Alberta, and he has also taught in other countries including Taiwan and Korea. What he loves most about working for MALI is getting to know the students individually and seeing them succeed, not only academically but also socially.


Howard Lane – Transition to Work

Phone: 1-506-773-7225 | Email: cal.tw1chatham@gmail.com

Howard attended the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, and he worked for the Toronto Star newspaper. Howard became a Laubach tutor for adults. According to him, understanding what he reads is as important as being able to read. He believes words have the power to transport the reader. For him, students being able to finish and comprehend the words of a book is a success. “Being able to write a good story and express oneself is an accomplishment.” He enjoys exchanging ideas in the search to express oneself clearly in writing.