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Here's all you need to know before you start your GED...


There are several routes available when you want to start your GED. Our programs are designed for different life circumstances. Whether you work full-time or part-time, or whether you are a parent with a busy household, we certainly have the right option for you to balance family, work, and studies. Our goal is to accommodate you.

The GED program includes five different topics... math, language arts writing, language arts reading, science, and social studies. Math covers everything from add, subract, multiply and divide to basic algebra. Language arts covers puncuation, grammar, and writing a basic essay. Language arts reading, science, and social studies are reading based. For example, after reading a short article on a general science topic, you will answer a multiple choice question.

Once you have successfully passed all five subjects, you will have completed your GED.

We would like you to know that the GED program is free. You do not have to pay to enroll in the program or to write any of  the five GED tests.
We would also like you to know that financial assistance may be available to you through the provincial department of WorkingNB.  For further information, contact WorkingNB toll free at 1-833-998-2659.


Step 1: Chose the Right Learning Option

You have the option to do the GED online or in class as a part-time or a full-time student. It is possible to combine the part-time GED and online courses. It all depends on your preferences and your schedule.


Step 2: Assess Your Abilities

Anyone wishing to return to school must be assessed beforehand. The initial assessment, which evaluates your math, your grammar, and your reading skills, allows your teacher to determine your starting point within these subjects.


Step 3: Learn at Your Own Pace

The beauty of our program is that you have the chance to learn at your own pace. For instance, if you have more difficulties with math, you can take the time you need to learn the subject matter, with the help of dedicated GED teachers. So, depending on your pace, you can complete your GED in the period of time that you need.


Step 4: Write GED Test

The province of New Brunswick sets several dates for testing. When you feel ready to write any one of the subjects, you can reserve your seat by filling out a form that will then be sent to the local WorkingNB office.  


Contact Us

For further questions regarding GED programs, please contact us by phone at 1-506-778-6998 or by e-mail at