Studying French as a Second Language… Have You Thought About It?

It is a fact that learning a second language offers several advantages at different levels. Recently, NBCC announced that they will offer a new French Second Language Intensive Program in the Miramichi region, and they are actively looking for students interested in participating in this program. Have you thought about registering for a program like that? Bilingualism has been the subject of several studies in recent years, and there are indications that there are a lot of benefits to bilingualism.


Obviously, certain benefits are undeniable facts, in particular, the fact that bilingualism offers better chances of employment and better opportunities for advancement. That said, did you know that the income of bilingual workers is on average higher than the income of unilingual workers? Moreover, it would seem that learning a second language would have very positive effects on our brain. Research shows that bilingualism increases the gray matter in the parts of the brain that treat language. It would also help to decelerate cognitive and mnemonic (related to memory) aging. As well, it is demonstrated that this facilitates open-mindedness and understanding of cultural diversity. You can only win with such a program.


For more information about the NBCC’s French Second Language Intensive Program, please contact the Miramichi Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor Department at 1-506-627-4000.