Success Story – Theresa Carrier

I quit school in grade eight and never thought I would be able to get a grade twelve. I had a hard time in school when I was younger, and my mother said if I got a job, I wouldn’t have to stay in school. I think it was hard on her seeing me trying and getting upset into tears. I was never good at reading and never wanted to read to anyone.

A few years ago, when I was looking for a job, I had to face a big barrier. All employers were looking for workers with at least grade 12. I said to my husband: “I think I’m going to have to go to school in order to get a job.’’ I heard from those around that there was an adult learning center in the area, so I started getting information on it.

When I found out I knew some of the people in class, that made it a little easier. I did get a job though, when I first started, but decided to go to school anyway, even if it was just for me.

I went the first year and when I did my exams, I successfully passed two of them! I then began to gain confidence and to believe that I could succeed. Rick and Marlene greatly encouraged me which was a great help to me. I went back a second year in which I passed some additional exams. Finally, last year, I had to face my biggest challenge… mathematics. I was convinced I could not get there. I still went back to ‘try’. I had no confidence; however, when you have the chance to be supported by great teachers, such as Marlene and Rick who go beyond what is asked to help you, it helps a lot. Today, I am proud to say that I am a GRADUATE!

If you plan to make the jump, go for it! It is an incredible feeling to believe that you cannot get there and finally reach the impossible!

Many thanks to Rick and Marlene and to my family who encouraged me to continue.

You can do it too!


Theresa Carrier… 2017 graduate