Success Story – Betty Lavoie

My name is Betty Lavoie and I am a GED graduate in Eel Ground. I am so happy that I walked through that door and spoke with Ann Morrissey as well as Denise Hallihan about coming back to school. I was blessed to be met with such understanding people. My teacher was a wonderful person and she helped me not only with my studies but with other life problems. She led me in the right direction as to where I could go for help. After graduation, I was hired immediately in my community at the Health Centre and am now employed with a job I love. This is all thanks to Denise and the GED program. Not only did I receive my GED, when I told my son about it, he too returned the following year and was also successful. The program is great. I recommend it to everyone. I have nothing but praise for Denise and the other teachers.