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About Transition to Work...

Transition to Work is a wonderful program through which, with a variety of partnerships, the students receive the support they need to become employed. Classes range from basic reading, writing, and math for adults with learning difficulties, to Pre-GED, and GED. This program encourages students to be the best they can possibly be.


To start with, the students are made to feel they are valued and capable of school work. The teachers and students work one-to-one towards the value of an education to seek employment. If a student cannot learn from traditional methods, they can learn through Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy and Eating for Health Cooking programs as well as classroom instruction.


In Eating for Health, the value of work ethic, financial literacy, food security and food safety is taught, and it is where students will discover that meal preparation is more than just cooking. It takes teamwork to plan, shop and cook. Cooking also uses math, such as fractions, English, by reading and understanding the recipe, and science, by figuring temperatures and times. At the end of the school year the teachers, with one of the partners, help prepare resumes. They will also take students to interviews and job fairs.


The delivery of these programs engenders trust, confidence, and self-worth in the students.