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How to Write a Cover Letter

As a follow-up to the previous blog, when applying for a job, it’s important to include a cover letter. The cover letter helps to convince the recipient to continue their reading, to review your resume and if these two pieces of paper are doing their job, you will probably be called for an interview. This…

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How to Write the Perfect Resume

That is a big question! What should be included in your resume and how should you organize the presentation to showcase you? First of all, learn that a CV is in no way a biography! Your resume should fit on one page, two, maximum! Then you should always include a cover letter to your resume,…

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The 8 Types of Intelligence

Do you know the eight forms of intelligence? There are eight different types of intelligence. Each person has dominant forms of intelligence, and each type of intelligence is unique to certain people, depending on their personality, skills, and abilities. Moreover, if you are curious about your dominant intelligence, there are online tests and quizzes.  …

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Success Stories

Testimonial – Brittney Elliott

I want to obtain my GED because it has been a goal of mine for nine years since dropping out of high school in 2009. I am doing it to further my…

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Testimonial – Melissa

I am currently in the GED program as a full-time student. I decided to join this program so I could go to college and get a career. I have already learned so…

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Testimonial – Wanda Wood

I am currently enrolled in the GED program. This is my third year. I have passed two of the exams, math, and writing, and I now need three more. I think this…

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Founded in 2008, Miramichi Adult Learning is a non-profit organization funded by the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor.

Miramichi Adult Learning offers a wide range of programs and services. Our programs are flexible and are adapted to different situations and lifestyles.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by a passionate, dynamic, qualified, and committed team that gives the best of itself and is primarily concerned with the success of its learners.