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Education and Technology

Obviously, technology takes a lot of space in our lives. Whether at home, at work, or at school, we are surrounded by a multitude of electronic devices. Like it or not, the era of digital and the ‘’Big Data’’ phenomenon changed everything in our schools. In a world where access to the information is unlimited…

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Helping Children with Homework – Potential Solutions

It is well known with the return to school also comes homework and that can quickly become a source of stress for both children and parents. So how can you make sure you provide good support to your child and homework does not become a source of anxiety? First, be aware that there are negative…

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How to Balance Family, Work and Studies?

Family and work… these are some of the main obstacles for people wishing to return to school. Every day is the same routine! We get out of bed in fourth gear, get ready for work, prepare the kids for school, breakfast, lunch, extracurricular activities, supper, homework, bath time and finally, it is time to return…

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Success Stories

Success Story – Brenda Ramsay

My name is Brenda Ramsay, and I am a GED graduate from Eel Ground. I had tried this GED many times but every time I struck a brick wall. Every time the…

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Success Story – Grant Patles

My name is Grant Patles, and I am a 2017 graduate in Eel Ground. I can really say that I enjoyed the GED experience. Thanks to my instructor, Denise Hallihan, and my fellow…

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Success Story – Betty Lavoie

My name is Betty Lavoie and I am a GED graduate in Eel Ground. I am so happy that I walked through that door and spoke with Ann Morrissey as well as…

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Founded in 2008, Miramichi Adult Learning is a non-profit organization funded by the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor.

Miramichi Adult Learning offers a wide range of programs and services. Our programs are flexible and are adapted to different situations and lifestyles.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by a passionate, dynamic, qualified, and committed team that gives the best of itself and is primarily concerned with the success of its learners.